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VCSN PRO Multi-Function Ventilator

Advanced Respiratory Care Without The Oxygen Component

Meet the VCSN PRO Multi-Function Ventilator—designed for users who seek a streamlined, yet advanced respiratory solution without the integrated oxygen concentrator. This specialized unit efficiently combines a ventilator, cough assist, suction, and nebulizer, making it a superior choice for both pediatric and adult patients.



Advanced Design

  • Four-in-one functionality: Ventilator, Cough Assist, Suction, and Nebulizer.

Multi-Environment Versatility

  • Engineered for use in hospitals, institutions, during transport, and at home.

Touch Button Cough™

  • Simplifies cough therapy with a touch-activated button.

Quiet & Robust Suction

  • High-flow suction that operates quietly for patient comfort.

Seamlessly Integrated Nebulizer

  • Nebulizer with automated medication delivery features.

Detailed Features

1. Ventilator

Fully adaptable ventilation modes and settings to cater to different patient needs.

2. Cough

Smoothly transition between ventilation and cough therapy without switching circuits.

3. Suction

Quick and quiet airway clearance with high-flow suction capabilities.

4. Nebulizer

Automated medication delivery with airflow compensation to maintain accurate ventilation.


  • Integrated Functions: Ventilator, Cough Assist, Suction, Nebulizer
  • Compatibility: Pediatric and Adult
  • Suction Capabilities: High-flow, quiet operation
  • Nebulizer: 6 L/min automated drive

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