Universal Hinged R.O.M. Knee Brace

Item Number:917-N
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Suggested HCPCS

L1832 &L1833
The Advanced Hinged Knee Brace adjusts for advanced range of motion capabilities. The knee brace and support features a strong, durable polycentric hinge, made with a patient lock-out design, that controls the range of motion with easy-to-adjust pin stops. The Advanced Hinged Knee Brace's incremental flexion and extension setting adjusts in 7.5 degree increments.
Product Benefits:
  • Polycentric hinge allows for a controlled range of motion
  • Adjustments in increments of 7.5"
  • Locking contact closure straps to help prevent brace migration
  • Easy to fit and can be adjust
  • Features a strong, durable hinge with patient lock-out design
The Advanced Hinged Knee Brace uses and integrated strap/strut design. The comfortable aluminum struts allow for Varus and Valgus positions. Aluminum calf and thigh side stuts also conform to the leg with locking closure straps that help prevent brace migration. With a universal drop lock design, the brace is easy to fit and apply, and the knock down style shortens the length