Transformer Adjustable Back Brace 14" High NO Side Panels. S-XL

Item Number:8001
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Suggested HCPCS

L0637 / L0650
Adjust the back support to fit patients with 26-52" waists,  quickly and easily with no tools.  
Features a double pull design, and rigid panels to provide superior posterior and anterior support. 

Produces intercavity pressure to reduce load on invertebral discs. 
 Patient friendly, so it ensures greater patient compliance. 
Quick double strap pull controls your support level.  
Easy to put on and off.  Breathable mesh belt.  
Stock one SKU and fit most patients with the same item.  

Heat Moldable back, NO Side Supports.
If you require side supports, pleasse order item 8002

Sugg. HCPC for 8000 is L0627 and L0642
Sugg. HCPC for 8001 is L0631 and L0648
Sugg. HCPC for 8002 is L0637 and L0650