ROHO Quadtro Select 16 X 16 Wheelchair Cushion

Item Number:QS99C
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FSS# 36F79719D0288

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For individuals who require special positioning of the pelvis or thighs and are at risk of skin breakdown, the ROHO Quadtro® High Profile is an ideal choice. The High Profile is recommended for users with asymmetrical positioning and users in tilt or recline systems. The ROHO Quadtro® cushion also features the ISOFLO Memory Control that allows for air in place progressive positioning. 
The Quadtro Select High Profile® features the ISOFLO Memory Control Unit that is great for quick and easy on-demand adjustments. 
More specifically, it is a knob that can be pushed open to adjust the level of inflation and then closed to lock in and maintain the desired level. 
With ISOFLO stability is enhanced and side-to-side and front-to-back motions are reduced by locking air into place in each of the four quadrants.