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Oxygo FIT Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygo FIT Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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OxyGo FIT™ Ultra-Light Portable Oxygen Concentrator provides patients with unrestricted freedom and independence!
Oxygo FIT is smaller and lighter than most any POC on the market, without sacrificing clinical efficacy.
Just 2.8 lbs!

Batteries can be configured to accommodate long periods of battery use.
Along with the car power/charger and wall power/ charger the patient can always be with their oxygen if they are in the car, in traffic jams, on airplanes, or just out and about.

With an OxyGo Fit POC, the ambulatory O2 patient no longer needs to worry about running out of oxygen.  They no longer need to carry heavy, sometimes dangerous, and usually very cumbersome, tanks.  The product is more discrete and less "medical" looking than an oxygen tank.  All of this encourages more ambulation, more exercise, better compliance and improved outcomes.  For the payor, the product eliminates the repeated and increasing costs of filling up tanks, and the delivery of tanks for ambulatory patients.


FAA / Airline Approved
WEIGHT just 2.8 pounds!!


O2 Delivery:  3 settings, delivers 210 ml of oxygen per setting. 
Patients receive 
Setting 1:   210 ml of oxygen
Setting 2:   420 ml of oxygen
Setting 3:   630 ml of oxygen 
(Note: We have a 5 setting OxyGo available as well. It weighs 4.8 lbs and has 5 settings.) 

Either battery can be changed in seconds. Almost all ambulatory O2 patients will be able to replace their battery themselves, thus eliminating most of the costly service calls.  

The sieve beds are uniquely designed to be a quick change.  The old ones pop out, much like a battery, and new ones simply pop in. They are designed to not be able to be replaced incorrectly.


Size With Standard Battery 
(L) 5.91" x (W)2.68" x (H)7.2" 
Weight 2.8 lbs

Size with Double battery: (L) 5.91" x (W) 2.68" x (H) 7.79" 
Weight 3.29 lbs/1.49 k

AC Power Supply: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz (auto-sensing to allow worldwide use) 
DC Power cable to mobile use in car.

Battery Life and Charging Time: 
Single Battery: Up to 2.7 hours Recharged up to 3 hours with AC or DC power. 
Double Battery: Up to 5 hours Recharged up to 5 hours with AC or DC power

Noise: 40 Decibels (at flow setting 2)

Warranty: 3 year lifetime limited

Operation: Simple control functions, and easy to read LDC display.

Use: Designed for 24/7 use, at home or away!

OxyGo Fit Standard Package Includes Unit, battery, durable black protective bag, carry strap, 
AC charger, DC charger for car, and easy to follow instructions.

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