CPAP Max 2.0 CPAP Pillow

Item Number:15-551R
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    • Exclusively Designed For PAP Machine Users!
    • Reduces Mask Shifting And Interference!
    • Helps Stop Air Leak Noises Which Awaken You!
    • Minimizes Pressure on Face
    • Provides Better Head, Neck and Shoulder Comfort!
    • Removable Layer To Adjust Pillow Thickness
The CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 offers unique ergonomic and support benefits and features to maximize your PAP Therapy for any type of mask or brand.
Included are 2 Different Sleeping Surfaces – Ventilated foam promotes positive air flow to promote a cooler night’s sleep with the 3D Mesh Memory Foam side, or flip your pillow over if you prefer the plush support you receive from a traditional bed pillow with our soft, hypoallergenic microfiber side.

Ergonomic Design features a concave center for your head , crescent cutout for your shoulders, and facial support on the sides for easy breathing and improved positioning to maintain positive and continual airflow throughout the night.  Removable layers allow you to change your pillow height to find ultimately orthopedic support and comfort by properly aligning your head, neck and spine.  3 Layers of foam provides optimal support benefits. Top layer is memory foam that allows your pillow to mold to the shape of your face, a high resiliency support layer provides added support and a Charcoal infused bottom layer neutralizes odors for freshness.  Concave Center improves airway alignment by properly supporting your head
Pressure Free Side Cutouts reduce mask interference which promotes better compliance with your CPAP.  Improved Hose Control with longer tether allows your air hose to move with you throughout the night without pulling on your mask causing your mask to shift or leak. Color Coded Foam Layers to provide you better customization when adding or removing layers to find your perfect height.  Updated quilting style provides a less clinical feel. Pillow is now white with blue piping instead of beige Fiber fill is hypoallergenic to allow even our most sensitive users a great night sleep. Extended hose tether is 3” longer to provide better hose control throughout the night to help reduce pulling and pressure on your mask
Charcoal infused layers promotes freshness by neutralizing odors.

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